Paul Schiphorst

Web design:
I cut HTML and WordPress sites to size, I set them up so that the website meets your personal requirements.

Together with you, I choose from a selection of site themes that I have created that contain the functionalities that are important for your organization. If you have made a definitive choice with me, I will tailor the site:
– The layout is adapted to your corporate identity
– The colors are adjusted to your corporate identity
– Photos are uploaded and retouched as required

The interaction with various social media is of great importance to optimally bring your organization to the attention of your followers and target group.

Print design:
There is more to it than just the production of brochures and leaflets
design and styling. The manufacture of this is a process in which every link is important for a good end result; from concept to implementation.

At a time when reproducing creative expressions is possible for everyone, whether it’s spotify or 3D printing of everything you see, the demand for craftsmanship and texture has only increased. Keeping practicing this craft of painting on walls or canvases is of great importance for me to be able to work on IT with equal pleasure and wonder.